Our Inspiration

Whom we worship today as the god of the earth, the adorable of all of us, the lord of Jains and Ajaians, the creators of conscious and unconscious creations, the sensuous conquerors, the pioneer of the moksamarg and the masters of the difficulties, is Sri 108 Vidyasagar ji Maharaj, Born on the on the auspicious night of SharadPurnima, 10 October 1946, on Sadalga land of Karnataka in the courtyard of Shri Mallappa ji Ashtage and mother Shrimati ji. You were unique among your parents' 6 children as the second child.

Recipient of cosmic education till 9th class in kannada language Acharya Shri Vidyasagar ji Maharaj is truly a metaphor and virtue, a transcendent of cosmic and supernatural learning. He is proficient in Kannada, Hindi, English, Marathi, Sanskrit and Prakrit languages, knowledgeable of Spirituality and Texts, rich in advanced knowledge in all temporal subjects like philosophy, ethics, history, geography, science and mathematics.

Softly, lovingly linguist, full of compassion and kindness, brilliant preacher, prodigious ocean of knowledge and a reflection of BhagwanMahaveer , lad Vidyadhar started the infinite journey of his ascetic life with the Brahmacharya vrat on the land of Chulgari, the very territory of Rajasthan, and adopted vrat of seven pratima on the holy land of Shravanabelagola Karnataka.

In Madanganj-Kishangarh, District Ajmer, Rajasthan, in May 1967, destiny brought the wandering young celibate VidyadharAshtge engaged in pursuit of learning to the feet of his Guru - the very embodiment of highest knowledge and conduct-the great poet AacharyaShri 108 GyansagarjiMaharaj.

The infinite sense and perseverance of knowledge has made even a Kannada-speaking knowledgeable in Sanskrit and Prakrit-speaking texts. Impressed by his passion, modesty, selflessness: Acharya Gyanasagar ji Maharaj thought of giving him the position of Acharya and revealed his feelings to Vidyasagar ji, but Munishree, who is devoid of worldly desires, did not like this. He refused but Gyanasagar ji asked Gurudakshina with compassionate extent and said - "You have to get completed the innocent sallekhna of this elderly teacher , so accept the title of Acharya". Understanding the orders of the guru, with a heavy heart, he embarked his command and performed Guruji's narration while serving the Guru whole-heartedly.